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Fiona, David & family welcome you to Coynachie Guest HouseFiona, David and family moved to Coynachie after finding this beautiful house in a fantastic countryside setting.  Fiona grew up in the area and wanted her family to return and enjoy the fresh clean air, space and sense of peace.  A far cry from the hustle and bustle of city life!

We all enjoy the wildlife and have our own resident woodpeckers and owls.  The seasons are clearly defined with colours in the valley constantly changing.  In springtime the coconut aroma form the whins fill the air.  In the summer months we enjoy long day light hours with plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors.  Autumn brings vibrant colours to our valley and the salmon and trout start their migration back along the streams close to the house to spawn.  Our children enjoy winter snow, sledging and Nordic skiing from the front door of our house.  On a clear night we all love looking skyward to enjoy the thousands of stars so clearly visible from Coynachie.

Coynachie was a working farm estate until 2004, which included several hundred acres of land in a beautiful tranquil valley set in the rolling Aberdeenshire hills.  Much of the land is now under the management of Scottish Forest Alliance who have called the newly planted wood Coynachie – part of the Darroch Wids project.

Forestry commission, Alliance, BP,RSPB, Darroch Wids, Coynachie Guest House, HuntlyWe are surrounded by young native broadleaf trees such as oak, birch, rowan, juniper, scots pine and alder.  New walks through the woods and wild flower meadows and bridges to cross the streams have been established for the use of visitors throughout the year.  Beyond the house lies the Clashindarroch, which is one of the best snow holding forests in the country and has many Nordic skiing, walking and mountain biking trails.

To find out more about Darroch Wids please visit www.scottishforestalliance.org.uk and Darroch Wids Coynachie

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